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Dinopaws是BBC 2014-15年度动画新作,以3个小恐龙作为主角,通过他们的探险故事,激发幼儿的想象力,鼓励他们去认知周围的世界。

好奇小恐龙/快乐小恐龙 Dinopaws 全高清51集 (动画+MP3)【BBC启蒙动画】

Dinopaws以其精美可爱的动画,符合幼儿心理发展的精彩情节设计,获得今年英国电视最高奖(2015 Broadcast Awards)提名。

好奇小恐龙/快乐小恐龙 Dinopaws 全高清51集

Join Gwen, Bob and Tony on a magical prehistory tourDinopaws is all about the prehistoric adventures of three curious young Dinopaws who woke up one morning and decided they wanted to go everywhere and do everything in their brave new world.Just as young children are daily discovering new things that they’ve never seen, heard, tasted or felt before, so Gwen, Bob and Tony – the three Dinopaws – are constantly having new experiences, learning how to be together and making sense of the world.



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